Log Line

A disaffected American - Nepali half Hindu - Muslim boy detours to Kathmandu on his way to find his father who thinks has joined the war in Syria, but his battle against a local don who kills his grandfather grounds him to the reality of his relationships and and in the process he re-connects with his roots, culture and traditions of the Himalayan nation, which he had forgotten and both his external and internal journey changes.


Faisal Mustafa is half Muslim-Hindu, Non-Resident-Nepali living in Los Angeles. Frustrated with what’s going on in America and the western world regarding his faith he prepares to join the war in Syria with his father. Faisal thinks his maternal grandfather is responsible for the separation of his parent and hates him. After he falls in trouble with the law Faisal hastes his departure. He travels to Kathmandu as instructed by a recruiter to avoid American suspicion.

Faisal reaches Kathmandu and learns that his grandfather is working with Namrata, his childhood sweet heart, at a rehabilitation camp. The land mafia run by a local don/want-to-be politician, Abu Mia, needs the land occupied by the camp. His henchman Sher Thapa makes Namrata’s day-to-day life miserable to evict her camp. Faisal sees Sher Thapa abusing Namrata publicly and he can’t help but interfere. Pundit Harshvardhan is Abu’s rival and finds an opportunity to bring down Abu when he learns about Faisal.

Faisal soon lands in the maze of criminal, social and political conspiracy going on in his grandfather’s life and town. His interference jeopardizes his goal but eventually victory changes his life.

Gulshan Grover-Abu Mia Sidiqui

Known as the Bad Man of Bollywood, Gulshan has established himself in world cinema as a serious actor. This is Gulshan’s first Nepali film and second film with Pema.

Jose Manuel Faisal Mustafa

A breakout action star in Puerto Rico, Jose is a rising international star. His style of action choreography and performance has won accolades and awards.

Anna Sharma Namarata

A talented young girl and rising actor in Nepali cinema, Anna Sharma is now an international star. Standing her ground among veterans in this film, Anna has shown her talent is not young.

Director's Statement

I decided to set the film in Kathmandu, Nepal for two main reasons. First, Kathmandu city has the unique blend of ancient and modern feel and there’s a spiritual unity here. That was important for this story. Second, I always wanted to make a film in Nepal, and now after this experience, I am sure many more will come.

People traveling to join ISIS have a sense of belonging and feeling of usefulness which I thought was a good plot point. If these confused people become engaged in different meaningful endeavors than they are misled into I believe they will change. So, I began writing ‘The man from Kathmandu’ as a different story from among the 20,000 others that have joined ISIS.

After I found the right partner in Nepal that believed in making good and meaningful cinema, the journey began. Now the first English language Nepali-Hollywood film is a milestone we have achieved. I am very proud of it and thankful to everyone who helped us reach here.